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Leak detection / Construction Analysis
Devices used: pipe camera/sewer for pipe tests ø 40-approx. 200 mm, incl. 1 technician hour 240 €
Devices used: video-endoscopy camera inspection for cavity examinations and pipe tests ø 10-150 mm, incl. 1 technician hour 240 €
Devices used: audio detection/geophone Audio location to determine if there are leaks in pressurised water pipes and/or an active pest infestation, including positioning, incl. 1 technician hour 235 €
Devices used: pressure test/leak test for investigating pipeline leakst, incl. 1 technician hour from 210 €
Use of equipment for small pressure test/ leakage test (domestic water piping) to examine pipe leakage, incl. 1 technician 120 €
Devices used: trace gas detection for the determination of any existing pipeline leaks and positioning, incl. 1 technician hour from 325 €
Devices used: UV light detection to investigate possibly existing structure, component, discharge and/or pipeline leaks, incl. 1 technician hour 180 €
Fluorescent contrast agent flushing optical leak test and tube connection control 65 €
Devices used: position location/sewer probing using radio detection, incl. 1 technician hour 240 €
Devices used: infrared camera for the thermographic inspection of components for the determination of building leaks, burst pipes, thermal bridges and energetic object states, incl. 1 technician hour 280 €
Devices used: electronic moisture raster measurement 22 measurements minimum are mandatory: 220 €
Proof of construction drying (10 measuring points max.) 80 €
Individual measurements/Additional measurements distances, humidities, temperatures per measuring point 4,85 €
Devices used: diving specialist 280 €
additional diving hours 140 €
Devices used: measurement of carbon monoxide concentrations in fire damages and after their removal, incl. 1 technician hour 125 €
General services
Working hour 47 €
Technician hour 66 €
Protocol /Report preparation hour 66 €
Arrival / departure per km 0,90 €
Mould control and odour neutralization
Demobilisation cleaning of all wall and ceiling surfaces with ULV sprayer, incl. spore remover Penetrox F min.10m² 7,80 €
Demobilisation fogging I, incl. equipment use: steam generator, spore remover Maxox DF min. 50m³ 2,60 €
Mould analysis/Wipe test Price on request
Odour Neutralisation / Demobilisation via Fogging incl. machine use, steam generator and Dry Odor min. 50m³ 2,20 €
Odour neutralisation with Biofresh min. 50m² 1 €
Services pipe cleaning / tank cleaning
Use of industrial flushing device for pipe cleaning, sludge suction, filter material, surface cleanin, incl. 1 technician hour 180 €
Devices used: pipe cutter 16-22 mm with different cutter heads to remove pipe blockages (e.g. roots, grease, limescale, solids, etc.), incl. 1 technician hour 230 €
Use of industrial flushing equipment for tank cleaning, extraction of sludge, filter material incl. 1 technician hour 180 €
Filter sand change/replacement of filter media Price on request

All prices plus 21% IVA

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