Building and room drying

For drying buildings in case of water damage and pipe bursts.
With our highly efficient drying performance package, adapted to the respective case of damage, every building is dried again in record time.

Our piping package includes a thorough damage analysis through precise moisture measurements, drying and ventilation with professional industrial dryers and blowers, as well as documentation of the building drying process (building drying proof).

Damp walls and wet floors are thus quickly and professionally dry again.

Building experts, insurance companies and construction companies have also placed their trust in us for many years in this field.

Pictures of the building and room drying

Rental equipment for construction and room drying

Bautrockner PSB 1200 DT

Entfeuchtungsleistung: max. 40l/ 24h
Preis: pro Woche 126,00 € *

PSB 2400

Entfeuchtungsleistung: max. 70l/ 24h
Preis: pro Woche 175,00 € *

PSL 355

Luftumwälzung: max.355m³/ h
Preis: pro Woche 42,00 € *

Mietgeräte: Woche Tag
Bautrockner PSKT 20 Entfeuchtungsleistung: max. 22l/ 24h 0,38kW 105,-€ 15,-€
Bautrockner PSB 1200 DT Entfeuchtungsleistung: max. 40l/ 24h 0,50kW 126,-€ 18,-€
Bautrockner PSKT 1800 Entfeuchtungsleistung: max. 58l/ 24h 0,69kW 161,-€ 23,-€
Bautrockner PSB 2400 Entfeuchtungsleistung: max. 70l/ 24h 1,10kW 175,-€ 25,-€
Zubehör Bautrocknung
Vorfilter für PSKT 20 22,-€
Vorfilter für PSB1200 DT 23,-€
Vorfilter für PSKT 1800 28,-€
Vorfilter für PSB 2400 23,-€
Heizgebläse PSH 30 Heizleistung: max.3,3 kW/ 230V 70,-€ 10,-€

All prices plus 21% IVA

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